Bazar : Hard to Find EP

Published on December 14th, 2011
EP: Hard to Find
Artist: Bazar
Release Date: 19.12.11
Reviewer: David Kazamias

Ellum Audio, Maceo Plex’s new label, brings us its innovative second release. Bazar’s new EP ‘Hard To Find’ seems easy enough to love. Its pin sharp production pricks your ears throughout; the earthly bass-line compliments the disco/funk that weaves effortlessly, all the while a free-floating extra-terrestrial sound breaks down the barriers between decades, ultimately merging two separate genre’s that collide so well together. Bazar seems to be showing us that he is indeed a pioneer of Nu-Disco.

The remixes on the EP are brought to us by Danny Daze and Maceo Plex. Daze provides us with an exquisite texture which he has no problem in tearing apart, only to build it back up again with more energy. We hear the same ‘whopping’ that is the key ingredient to any Dubstep track, yet instead of raw intensity, we have sublime ambience. Maceo Plex provides us with more of that progressive funk that Bazar teases us with, he slows the pace right down to create a wholly euphoric sound that overlays a highly addictive bass-line.

Hard to Find was originally released on French label Basic Recordings back in 2004 but Maceo Plex wanted to bring it back with some hot new remixes to add!

Bazar – Hard To Find
Bazar – Hard To Find (Maceo Plex Funk Drop)
Bazar – Hard To Find (Danny Daze Love Dub)

Review by: David Kazamias