Jorge Takei – Nowhere EP

Published on March 8th, 2012
EP: Nowehere
Artist: Jorge Takei
Release Date: 29.02.12
Record Label: Cimelde Records
Reviewer: Amy Peat

Cimelde Records are attempting to crack 2012 and release tracks with a new attitude and approach. With ambitious Romanian DJ Atapy at the helm, its safe to say they are hand picking exciting music that is diverse yet accepted by the mainstream – what you could call hybrid house.

The labels latest release, ‘Nowhere’ by German new blood Jorge Takei, supplies a wealth of success-riddled warm house. The title track most certainly puts a smile on your face, with layers of directed sound, fused together to supply a moving, jumping piece of music that you don’t get bored of quickly, despite its repetitive nature.

Bass heavy track ‘Turning’ impresses with a chic vocal, which sings of fluidity and style. The rousing sounds are upbeat, but more ambient than the previous. It is somewhat of a quiet riot, as although it seems initially easy listening, the mellow nature is turned by the attacking nature of the background piano beats.

The final track on the EP is ‘Wanna Get Back’, which starts with a blast to the ears, soon running into a smooth, sexy vocal, to which the listener has now become accustomed. The overall style is diverse and bold, but not to the point where it is unlistenable.

There is definitely a sense of familiarity with Jorge Takai’s tracks. The sound will be one that house lovers have heard before, but is no where near boring – quite the opposite. It is a confident, slick release, which evokes thoughts of moving in to summer, balearic beats and great all round house music.

The EP is available now, click here to buy!