Nick Curly : Between the Lines (Album)

Published on February 2nd, 2012
EP: Behind the Lines (Album)
Artist: Nick Curly
Release Date: 16/03/12
Reviewer: Amy Peat

Harmonized, organic, distinctive.

All words to describe what Nick Curly offers with his debut album release “Between The Lines”. Using ‘real instruments, real singers and real emotion.’ Curly encapsulates all of his influences to give the listener an insight in to the mind of one of house music’s most influential German producers.

The album pulls away from the busy nature of Curly’s headline grabbing club sets, with a more atmospheric, story telling aurora. The tracks merge from one to another using light basslines, with a definite chill out, easy listening vibe to the first few tracks. “Piano In The Dark” leads the pack with the beautiful vocals of singer Worthy Davis, giving the track a rousing, slick effect, and one that certainly demands multiple plays.

“Spinning Plates” brings the album slightly uptempo, with a reoccurring, timely chiming beat, acting as a great filler for the introduction of “Glass Ceiling” and “Wrong Hands”. The latter builds slowly, as with the majority of the tracks on the release, but the blend of deep percussion and clear cut beats fuse together to create a wonderfully pleasurable sound.

“Truth To Be Told”, “Between” and ‘You Don’t Have To Hopp” supply more club friendly vibes, with “Between” holding a strong, female led vocal, with a depth of thought to the lyric as much as there is to the beat. The effect is almost hypnotic, with a tinge of darkness.

“Between The Lines” as a whole plays as a composition of true musical finesse: each beat can be individually heard, and there is the sense that a lot of focus, care and attention has been placed on generating each part of every track.

This album is most certainly one to be enjoyed in the context of a piece of musical education, and could be enjoyed as a listening narrative in club, bar or home setting.

The beauty of this album comes in the fact it is difficult to apply it to a genre. There are hints of deep, tech, minimal, dark, light, up, down and around, brought together in to one simply beautiful, thoughtful release. Nick Curly lays his soul and fine tuned style, quite firmly, on the line.

“Between The Lines” is out on Cécille Records on 16th March 2012.