Timmy P – Haze EP

Published on May 2nd, 2012
EP: Haze
Artist: Timmy P
Release Date: 28th May 2012
Record Label: Four Fingers Hand
Reviewer: M L O'Neill

There is a time and a place for extravagance and this Timmy P production shows it is not always necessary to be flashy and vulgar. Appealing to a more refined taste, ‘Haze EP’ has been released by the Ciro Leone’s Four Fingers Hand label. The label itself has backing from a wide range of DJ’s such as Timo Mass, Umek and X-Press 2, which demonstrates their solid reputation. Timmy P has releases on various other labels including Witty Tunes, Blackrose and Tzinah but to name a few and this latest EP can only further enhance his port-folio.

‘Haze’ opens the EP with a plodding house kick drum and discreet bass line but what sets it apart is the soaring synth melody. The track as a whole is slick and compact, which exemplifies Timmy P’s keen eye for production. There is a hint of darker undertones in the breakdown where a haunting vocal contrasts the generally uplifting vibe of the track and adds an advanced, complex flavour. The next track ‘Chill Spot’ is an extension of the darker psyche of house music, matching a pulsing bass line with clean, radiant inserts and then as it progresses hanging disturbing piano samples that pierce through and fade mysteriously beneath another phantom like vocal. This track shows real intelligence, composure and ultimately leaves a lasting impression.

‘Downbeat’ is all about the groove. It throws both shoulders back and forth and nods its head at the same time while a deep bass line rolls alongside a thumping kick drum. This is dirty, sordid deep house at its best but not without a certain level of atmosphere sweeping throughout. Final track ‘Are the One’ is pitched a level higher than the rest of the productions, bumping and pushing its way to the front. It is a lively, mischievous track that catches your attention. Timmy P has obvious production talent and there is no doubt that his ‘Haze’ EP will grace dancefloors across the nation. It is tight house music that communicates to the deeper taste palette.