Welcome to The Underground!  Please introduce yourselves!

C: Hi, I’m Chris Ware one half of DJ and production duo Deep’art.

G: …and I’m Glen Revell the better half of DJ production duo Deep’art.

C: All the banter that kid.

How did you two meet?

C: I first met Glen around early 2010 through a mutual friend he was throwing parties with in Essex. I was asked to play a warm up set a few times. Being the swell guy that Glen is, he offered to play back to back with at the start so my set time was extended and I got to drop some tunes to more than five people.  The rest as they say is history.

G: Yeah, Chris was being a little madam about warming up so I had to sort him out, but to be fair I suppose we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for his moaning.

How did you get into Djing?

C: I actually got into it quite late and I didn’t pick up some decks until I was 21. I had been into the EDM scene from about the age of 17/18, but I was quite content in just being a raver for many years. Plus being a student for a while I couldn’t afford to pay for what is initially an expensive hobby. I think the actual idea to be a DJ though dawned on me at the infamous Warehouse Project about five years ago whilst Villalobos was mid set. The man had the crowd in the palm of his hands that night and I wanted a bit of that.

G: Well I started quite young at about the age 15. I got my first set of 2010′s and was really into the old house and garage scene initially. From about 96-2001 I was playing for local record stores and club nights with a good friend of mine. Then the scene sort of died of death and I had a few years off until about 5 years ago when I started take note of the renaissance in house music and fell in love with the scene. I moved into a sound that that’s has since been developed with my boy as Deep’art.

What is the story behind the name Deep’art?

C: We had been playing back to back for a while just under our own names, but as we started to realise we were cementing ourselves as a duo we felt we needed a name.

G: But there is no cool reason for the name which I think started off as Depart, then Deepart and finally Deep’art. Its suits because whilst we wouldn’t say we play a specific genre of electronic music, most would say we tend to lean towards Deep House.

C: (Laughing) Yeah and apparently Glen likes it ‘deep’ so we had to get it in our name. We always see people spell it differently as well. RA for some reason kept putting the ‘a’ of ‘art’ in capitals which didn’t help, but for the record it is capital D the rest lower case, and a pretentious apostrophe to link the words.

Tell us about the Deep’art party, how did it start and how far have you come with it?

C: We had the DJ name, we thought we had the talent, but we had no decent parties to play. Inspired by Kevin ‘if you build it they will come’ Costnor, we set about throwing our own parties as a platform for us and those we thought were on the cusp of big things. We learnt a lot from our first party which wasn’t a particular success in terms of numbers. The key change for us was venue which saw us move to Basing House in Shoreditch for our second installment and we haven’t looked back since.

G: The Basing House crew have been nothing short of amazing to be honest. Our nights run smoothly thanks to their staff and they have supported us a lot with what we have been doing! They are getting such a good reputation for being the best intimate venue in East London and we are very happy to be calling it our home.

C: Its funny really because I honestly thought the party would be a means to an end to establish ourselves, but I can’t see us not doing it now and we really enjoy putting it on.

What platform are you using to produce?

C: Ableton

G: Yeah, we are on Ableton which is a good bit of kit and was recommended to us.

C: It seems to be what most of our peers use so it was an obvious choice.

When did the production start for you?

C: It was only last November. With our party becoming easier to organise it meant we had the time to get onto the production bandwagon. It’s something we both wanted to get into but it’s a bit daunting and we wanted to give it the time it needed.

G: We both got the software towards the end of the year and have really spent some time the production process learning as much as we could.

How did you get to grips with production in such a short space of time?

C: I am still asking myself that now. I would say we have a clear idea on want music we want to make, but more importantly we have some really good friends who we can bounce things off. We owe a lot to Max Chapman who has given us technical guidance.

G: Yeah, we always knew what sound we wanted to create but it was just finding out how put it into a track. As Chris said we owe a huge thanks to our boy Max, but also other good friends such as James Pople, Ashley Wild an Corey Baker who have always been there to offer advise an support. Also special thanks has to go out to my brother who has invested a lot of time giving us advice

Your debut track “word” has been signed up by Manchester label Electronique, how did that feel and how did it come about?

G: Yes it has! One of our best days to date when we got the call from Electromique saying they wanted to sign it to their Ibiza sampler. Truly amazing news, and to top that two days later we were in Sankeys and we heard Alexis Raphael drop it, the place went off! We won’t ever forget that feeling of hearing your track being played out for the first time. I never thought that day would come; it all still feels a bit surreal to be honest. ‘Word’ has been receiving some huge support from some great artists and is set to drop in July I think.

We believe you have completed a project with Max Chapman and also a remix for upcoming new talent Jon Celius who is working under the famous Nurvous Records Nitelife management. Please tell us more about the two tracks:

C: Well our collaboration with Max was an obvious move and something Max suggested a while ago but he is a busy boy so it took a while to get some time together in the studio. We knocked up a nice little groover called ‘Trapped’ which you can hear in our guest mix for you guys. No release date set for that, but watch out for it.

G: As for the remix, we were contacted by Cream Couture Records in Mexico to see if we would be interested in working with them they had heard ‘Word’ an loved what we had done. They have got some big releases coming out this year so we were very much up for it. We offered our services for a remix and then Jon’s track came through to us. We loved the vibe and instantly had ideas for our own take on it which is a bit darker than the original. It also features in our guest mix.

What else can we expect from you over the coming months in terms of production?

G: The next natural step for us is to finish and put out an EP. We are taking our time with it as we want it to showcase who we are and what we are about. We are well under way with this project but we are in no rush with this we want to make sure it is special.

C: We have no idea where the EP might go at this stage and we are just going to do our thing and see what happens.

G: We also have a couple of tracks that might suit a VA but we will just see what happens.

You have been booked to play in Berlin in September, this must have been a great feeling, how did it come about and how did it make you feel?

C: I am really looking forward to that. I went to Berlin for the first time a few years ago with my Girlfriend and fell in love with the city. To have the pleasure of playing there is just next level. The venue we playing at is pretty special to, it’s Salon Zur Wilden Renate. I have seen some pretty impressive line ups in recent months at that joint so it should be a good one.

G: Yes it’s one of our best bookings to date.  It all came about from our mixes on soundlcoud were the promoter loved what we were doing. It just shows you never know whose listening or following you.

What other gigs can we find you playing at this year?

G: Well I am pleased to say they are coming in thick and fast. We will be in Leicester at the start of June for onefifteen, and then we have the Electronique Ibiza gigs later that month, followed by our party in July  which will be a MEXA label showcase with Climbers, Matt Fear and Lee M Kelsall and a gig in Manchester the week after, again for the Electronique crew…

C: Berlin 7th September and I think we are at Cable, London the following day. Then I think another Leicester trip at some point.

G: That’s about as far as we can remember anyway. Can’t keep up with what’s happening at the moment, time for an agent i think!

Is there anything else you want to add?

G: Just thanks for asking us to do this interview and guest mix…

C:…and thanks to everyone who has been following and supporting us. We both try to do things the right way and our patience and hard work seems to be paying off.

G:BIG LOVE and we hope to see u on the dance floor soon.

Check out the EXCLUSIVE mix from the guys below: