Lee M Kelsall

So we have been hearing about Lee M Kelsall over the last few months on many blogs and websites, how has it been for you to just suddenly explode on to the club scene?

I’ve actually been in the clubbing industry for about 6 years now …. I was a club promoter for years with various brands …. The proudest brand to work with was Filth owned by Danny Savage, I started working for him by chance one season in Ibiza then remained in contact and he asked if me and my business partner at the time Morley Dave (Who now runs Coloursound) would we become his promotion managers… so I worked for Filth for a number of years my proudest time as a promoter was looking from back stage to a sold out O2 arena while Faithless blast out Insomnia for Filth’s 3rd Birthday – was a pretty special moment.

Another memorable time was when I flew Derrick Carter over to play in an outside courtyard in Leeds to a 1000 mental fans !! Miguel Campbell warmed up for him …. Pretty special May bank holiday.

How would you describe your sound to somebody who hasn’t heard it before?

My sound is very eclectic…. I love to use music from all ages and genre s… The new mix I’ve just done for yourselves and the podcasts for Zukonda I have incorporated 70’s funk and disco mixed with 90ss House and Garage with more up to date sounds … I will say that I do like to throw a few oldies in my sets and I’m using more and more garage tracks (I can see music steering more and more that way in the next few months).

So let’s talk about your debut track “On the Road” … We see it’s storming the deep house Beatport charts, tell us more!

On the Road was originally a nu-disco track I made in 2010 – My first ever production. Hot Creations Miguel Campbell was meant to release it on his own record label Outcross but with Miguel’s work commitments and me moving to Oz we decided to put it on hold. Then in August this year I was heading back to the UK for a few months so I contacted a producer called Matt Fear … He was known predominately for techno/tech house and I asked him to bring the track up to date and what he came back with blew me away …. Do you know when someone “gets it right” well that’s all I can say. From there I emailed Lee Foss showing him the track and within an hour it was signed to Hot Waves.

It’s getting lots of hype and support how have you taken it all?

It’s really quite flattering to have my favourite DJ’s playing the track all over the world, it’s amazing…. I was sent footage of Jamie Jones and Lee Foss playing it at Culprit in LA and Richy Ahmed dropping it at DC10 Closing Parties in Ibiza. Then to hear Get Physical’s DJ T (who is at the top of the game in my eyes) is supporting it and has included it in his Resident Advisor Top 10 Charts it’s just all too good!!

So do you have a follow up?

Well I’ve recently signed a track to a Mexican record Label called MEXA. It is owned by two of Mexico’s Hottest Artists at the moment Louie Fresco [No19] and The Climbers [Culprit]. I’ve been good friends with Louie for some while now so I always send him over tracks in the making for feedback . With this track again he messaged me and said this needs to be on the MEXA label which launches Jan 2012 – The first EP is by Lee Foss and I’m the 2nd EP with a track called “Something.” The original mix takes in influences from US Garage/Soul and Funk and almost has a defected feel to it. While the remix by my boys Cubiq is just a straight on thumper perfect to get the club bouncing.

What’s in the pipeline for you now then?

GIGS Well I’ve just moved back to Australia (my timing is quite bad because I would have loved to gig in Europe while the track is doing so well) However I’m headlining an event called Zukonda in Sydney on Boxing day at the Greenwood Hotel (where Circoloco and space Ibiza events are held) and I’m basically available for gigs in the country. I aim to get to Mexico back end of 2012 and do a possible tour with MEXA records

MUSIC I’ve just finished another track last week called Transition which I plan on getting signed and out there and I’m just going to continue doing what I am doing but I need to find a new studio now I’m in Australia because I’ve been using an amazing new studio in Leeds to record. Its run by a dude called Paul Aspin who is a proper professional in the industry . The studio used to be Groove Armada’s old studio and when Aspin moved in, Ian Browns guitar had been left in there so guessing he has recorded at the studio at some point too. I’m back in the UK in June for a week so definitely going to come down and record in their again.

What is your end goal?

My end goal is to push myself into the top league so I’m touring constantly … I’d like an agent to sort all that out – I’ve just not got the time with me working on new productions etc . But I’m young (ish), free and single, so I could easily see myself touring for a few years …. I suppose my end goal would be to have my own label. I know so many artists who are so gifted but simply keep their music to themselves when I know if released some of this material it could be BIG… I did toy around with the idea at the end of last year but I was still learning the record business so watch this space in time to come!!

Do you have any predictions/breakthroughs for 2012?

Yeah quite a few actually …..


I think we will see a lot more of Miguel Campbell at the Number 1 spot on Beatport. I think he is one of them artists that we could be seeing in the Top 40 soon like what Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers have done in the past … Miguel is very determined but also a sound person. He came to my leaving meal before I went back Oz and even though he was Number 1 at the time he was still the same chilled laid back Miguel he hasn’t let success get to his head and that’s always a good trait to have.


I think there is going to be 2 Labels really blow up in 2012 ….. Luke Pompey’s “Love Not Money” has a talented roster behind it. Cubiq’s Had Enough that’s due out in Dec with remixes by Kreature and Matt Fear is an unreal EP … Also watch out for Alcatrez Harry and Ali Scott ‘Fresh P’ another favourite of mine at the minute and are both on my latest mix.

The 2nd is Louie Fresco’s MEXA again the signing and style is very current and the Mexicans have a distinct dark sound which we will be hearing a lot more of in the coming months.


There are so many to choose from but the boys who have made the best impact on me in the last few months are 2 lads from oxford called CUBIQ . These boys just churn out track after track and just don’t seem to be able to do anything wrong at the moment and only being 18 years old that’s impressive . Their live act which they tour with is great to watch with no track ever sounding like the original and the fact they can play a full 2 hours from their own back catalogue it won’t be long until big labels notice the potential they have.

The final artist and it pains me to say this because we are quite competitive is Matt Fear . This boys productions in the last 3 months since changing genre are ridiculous and that’s why he has releases on Hot Waves, Mexa, Nurvous NYC and Hourglass in the coming months. Things can only get better for him. The fact he is better looking than me too, is a bastard!!!

Is there anything more you would like to say?

Not really, thanks for your time !!! And please go out and buy On The Road now on Beatport

Lee has recorded an exclusive mix for us, listen and download below!


  1. Posted by Louie Fresco on December 15th, 2011, 21:37 [Reply]

    Full support, buddy!

  2. Posted by Nick Parr Super Star on December 16th, 2011, 05:49 [Reply]

    Gummy the legend… Ibiza 08 will forever be the launch pad x