Ashley Wild

Published on March 12th, 2013

Hey hombre! 2013 started with a bang for you with sets in Miami and Mexico. How was your trip, care to share any funny stories?

Hola – Miami and Mexico were both were amazing. To be honest I was only in Miami for the night to play at The Electric Pickle but I had a wicked adventure! The Pickle has been on my ‘wish’ list for some time so I was buzzing to play there. Lots of love to Gaby from who set it up and her crew were great party hosts. I look forward to returning someday. Also a big shout out to for the rudest flyer I’ve been on…Badass! Next day I left for Mexico and played, partied and chilled there for a good 2 and a half weeks. I absolutely love Mexico and BPM. It was my first year so everything was new but many friends were over there and more importantly I got to hook up with buddies I have met online over the last year or so. The scene in Mexico is upfront and those guys know how to host a party and are great fun! I had the pleasure of playing at La Santanera and it was probably one of my best ever sets which was a great start to the trip. Also it was great to play at the Mexa vs Outcross party during the festival b2b with Tboy and Miguel Campbell. Funny stories? Well there are a load that can’t get to print … the theme this year was certainly the year of the bug as most people I know were hit with a pretty vicious sickness at some point. Though must say that I had some interesting encounters with the Mannequins in The Reina Roja Hotel and a few dirty martinis! Some of you out there will know what I mean!

Other than the little matters of Miami and Mexico, you’ve also been spending a fair amount of time in the studio recently wrapping up some more dance floor trouble – can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been working on? Any release dates to mark in the calendar?

Well my latest release is a track has just dropped on Nurvous Records on the Base Tan: Miami Sampler which those lovely chaps Walker & Royce put together. It’s a track I made with Tom Roberts whom I play and promote You Are We alongside back in London and has been in the box for a while. I partied with the guys in Mexico this year and after paying for their cab rides everywhere I think they felt obliged to listen to my music. Joking aside they got to listen to a load of new material I had and when they mentioned the sampler was round the corner I offered them the track with Tom – called Something Missing. Check it out. It’s a nice, patient track and has been working wonders for me. Next up is a remix for Mexa Records for Freak Me and it’s an interesting one and a little different. Following this I have just wrapped on a 2 track EP with Tboy with a great singer Natalie Wood which I’m really excited about. Also I am working on a remix for a very interesting new group – Nudes which should be fun. Other than that – there are a few bits that should be mixed down and ready for testing later this month.

What are your philosophies when it comes to your work as a producer and as a DJ? Are there any experiences you can highlight that have shaped them?

I guess from the start I’ve always worked to something that I feel is me or reflects a bit of myself. That sounds a bit nobby to be honest but I guess there is an honesty in music where someone has made it without intention as such but more of what comes out of the heart or soul. The first time I heard my music played out was in Fabric and that feeling was unlike anything else. To see people react to music you have made is what it is all about. Of course to also play the music you have made and get a great reaction from the crowd to it, that is very humbling. Over the years there have been many influences; my parents and their passion and love for folk and Celtic music, growing up around musicians and festivals, being slapped in the face by the rave scene and falling in love with US and Italian house music in the 90’s have all have shaped my interest and music love and direction. I have met some amazing people through the scene and continue to be inspired, though the biggest inspiration comes from my friends. Over the last 3 years or so in particular I have worked with Tom from You Are We, Scott, Stu and Corey from the Wildkats and T-Boy and all have helped and inspired me in the studio and Laura Jones who continues to inspire.

Who else or what is really exciting you at the moment in terms of music?

I’m a big fan of Adriatique, in fact no surprise I like a lot of the stuff coming out of Diynamic to be honest, from the likes of Hunter Game and Karmon. Also I love the work coming out of the Life n Death camp. Other ones I’m digging? I’ve been privy to some of the work coming up from Tboy which is exciting and the likes of Mario Basanov, Mekanism and Jenkyns are up my street. Also I’m really liking the output from Supernature and artists like Den Ishu, Avatism and Tricksi who definitely play to my deeper side. Ones to watch coming through, I would put a shout out towards Tim and Joe from Moniker in the UK for some very interesting and deeper action. Oh and not forgetting 1D, I have all their dolls.

One stop this year for you and the party you co-promote You Are We, is the first ever Horizon Festival in March, set on the snow-covered Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria – what ideas have you and your crew got for keeping the dance floor warm in those cool surroundings?

Skin on Skin body heat. No other way. We can all talk of keeping everyone warm by dropping some dance floor magic to keep everyone moving, perhaps indulging in the odd bottle of Jagermeister and whatever other vices make their way up to the mountains – but let’s be real here. It’s cold there – it’s warm in my chalet and after the partying it’s leave your clothes at the door and lets all get under this bear rug together and have a tumble! But looking at the line-up we are bringing then you can see that the music is going to be on point from the start of the parties. I am big fan of everyone on the line up and the music is going to be spicy enough to provide you all the heat you need. That and Max Chapman will be there to cut open and climb inside should the conditions ever get too harsh.

We’re aware you’re no stranger to the slopes – can you describe your first experience skiing or snowboarding?

Yep – I can recall my exact first experience with a snowboard – I was half way up the nursery slope getting ready for my first lesson and as I tried to put my feet in the board I forgot to hold the board and low and behold it slipped from underneath me and began heading down slope. It picked up speed pretty quickly and by the time it reached the bottom it was at full pelt and like Moses parting the Sea it cleared a line right through a ski school at the bottom of the slope – taking a couple out with it. It was a long an shameful walk down the slope to collect my board and whilst my French is a little rusty these days, I do recall a little negative feedback from the whole group. Perhaps it was words of encouragement on my first day. Anyway, the next day I saw my friend get mounted by the biggest dog I have even seen whilst bending down so I was soon no longer the talk of the town…

Any ski tips and advice you’d like to pass on?

Don’t bend down in front of massive dogs in Chamonix. Thin layers. Don’t take more than 1 pair of goggles out with you, don’t take more than 2 pairs of gloves with, don’t take 2 hats with you etc. I’m a bit of a faffer and have been guilty of holding up the group I’m boarding with through my various indecisions. Though more seriously I would say it’s all about the boots. The rest you can manage but if the slipper don’t fit you are not gonna be dancing around the snow like Cinderella – believe me you will very quickly lose any enjoyment in the snow. Oh and course mind to always lovingly look up to skiers, they were there first so we need to give them the respect they and their outfits deserve.

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