Published on February 15th, 2012
Interviewer: Oscar Chowdhury

First of all let me congratulate you on The single “Around”. It spread like wildfire over 2011, and is still in the charts
now in 2012. The follow up “Found Out” has already had a lot of success. What are we to expect from the rest of album?

Thanks! The album is far from finished, so at this point its hard to tell exactly what its gonna be like.  I have a lot of unfinished ideas floating and waiting for vocal work. But expect it to be deep, sexy, warm and kinda dark. I tend to like the more melancholic melodies when i create music.

Are there going to be more collaborations with Singer/Songwriters as you have done with Haze for “Around” and Richard Davis for “Found Out”

Yes the whole album will be “songs” and not “tracks”.  My need right now is to create music that is not inspired by trends, but more contemporary and something you can listen to again in 10 years and still enjoy. The versions of “Around” and “Found Out” that you know will also change for the album release to be more album like and less club-minded.

From your first breakthrough song in 2005 “All about House Music” to “Around”. These songs have completely different styles. Has your sound changed due to you developing as a artist, or is it more to fit the current scene?

Its due to my development as an artist. I feel much more balanced today than when i had my breakthrough in 2005.  I dont try to follow any trends, I produce what feels right to me in the moment.  I feel producing music is always about evolving and getting better. The day that feeling disapears is the day you should stop.

Since “Around” have you been touring a lot more?

Yes “Around” has given me a lot of success in the clubs and because of that i also got a few more requests from around the world. But its also due to my label Noir Music having great success at the same time and my years of experience as a dj and artist finally taking off.

With all the producing, touring and running a major record label. It sounds like you are working 24/7.  How does that effect your personal and your married life?

Music is my life and its something I have dreamt of for many years.  I remember reading an interview with Duran Duran when I was a little kid and they were asked what the best thing about fame was. They replied: “travelling the world and seeing different cultures, people and places”.  I remember thinking…… “Thats what I want when I grow up”.  And now i’m here…… doing what I love the most, so I am not complaining, but….. I do wish I had more time for personal stuff, friends and family.  With my wife its very easy cause she is very involved in what I do and with Noir Music.  She often travels with me around the world as well.

So can you let us know more about the label “Noir Music” and where its heading in 2012? As well can you give us an insight on NM2 the new sister label?

Noir Music will continue the path of very electronic and vocally club music. Some of the upcoming releases are a little more experimental than what you’ve heard before, but thats me…… always trying to flip the envelope and come up with something new – I am not into copying formulars just because they really work.  We got some well known names in the pipeline, but also a couple of brand new names that I believe in and wanna push for 2012. Just like I have always tried to find and push new talent.

NM2 is very exciting right now. Have some great music lined up from artists I love and I really do feel the music on NM2 is just as good the music on Noir Music. I am very proud of what I have put together for NM2 this coming spring and I feel honoured by the artists who have agreed to be involved with the new off-shoot label and believe in it.

Are their any upcoming artists on your label you think we should keep our sights on?

Look out for Superhero, Toky, Blond:ish, Hunter_Game, Habischman, Climbers… 2012 might become their year :)   We should also have some exciting follow ups from Larse and Hot Since 82.

You have had the chance to play all around the world, is their a particular destination/venue you love playing at the most?

Places that have sun and warmth are always good. But any club with a good crowd makes my adrenaline pump. Don’t care if its 300 or 3000 people, if its Miami or Manchester. Just as long as the party is GREAT!

So looking back at 2011, what was your most memorable moment?

Hmmmm……. The times I have played “Around”, turned down the volume to listen to people sing along have been pretty memorable moments. And now seeing people singing along to “Found Out”, knowing all the lyrics is pretty special too. Its nice to see people enjoy what I do. I really just enjoy whats been happening in 2011 and whats happening right now. I feel blessed everytime that I see people like my productions and dj sets.



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