The Cartel

Published on January 25th, 2012
Interviewer: Kal Jhugroo

The Cartel is a new movement, we found out more about it today…..

What is the Cartel?

The Cartel is a group of 300 members or Compadres who have the opportunity to decide on all elements of each event that bears the name Cartel.

We believe it is run by “Jack” but who is Jack?

I am Jack, the keeper of Cartel. My role in the proceedings is simply to facilitate the requests and ideas of The Cartel and relay any ideas and suggestions directly back to each and every member of The Cartel. I don’t have any vote in Cartel, I am merely here to oversee, and to make sure that this party is run in the correct manner and be a point of contact for the Cartel members.

I have programmed the first 2 parties in honour of the 300 faithful souls that have originally signed up to become members of Cartel. Some even signed up without even seeing my plans; may I add?

What is the goal of Cartel?

The goal of Cartel is ultimately decided by the members.

It will be entirely up to them; who plays, where it’s at and how big or small they want it to be. The involvement of the initial founding Compadres will be one on a level never seen before.

Will it only be in Manchester?

In our initial application process, we had 300 people register to want to join Cartel within a week of it’s announcement. We asked a few probing questions about what people like and who they’d like to see. Some of the ideas and suggestions that have been received will form the basis of ballot number one. It could be a small basement party in Manchester set to a deep house soundtrack. It could be a full on techno rave up in a muddy field, far from civilization. I’ve had suggestions of secret parties, outdoor parties, rooftop parties, weekends away camping and lots lots more.Whatever happens, it’s sure to be something special.

It seems that a lot of people are tired of the same venues being used over and over again and with the permission of the Cartel we’re going to look to change that, using interesting spaces and concepts both in Manchester and beyond.

How frequently will we see Cartel events?

Initially we have two parties scheduled; firstly in February and a subsequent one in April. A forthcoming vote will decide when the next one will be and how many they would like to see in 2012. In short; I’m just as in the dark as you are and I can’t wait to find out how many parties The Cartel want this year.

What do tickets cost?

The 300 Compadres have the opportunity to pay my initial membership offer of £12. This is their membership fee for the first 12 months of Cartel.

This will get them priority to all Cartel events. It will also get them the chance to take part and vote on what The Cartel have planned.

More importantly, the first 2 events will also be FREE for all members. The only thing I ask in return is that they attend both events.

What can you tell us about the first parties?

The first 2 parties I have programmed for The Cartel and will take place at Islington Mill in Salford, Manchester. SecretSundaze is first up on Sunday February 26th. Followed by a very special Easter Sunday party with Theo Parrish and Subb-An. After that wherever Cartel goes is entirely up to the Compadres.

You sent out invitations and limited response to a mailing list for 300 people, why?

I feel that 300 people is the perfect amount of people to create this party, to begin with. Reading through the choices of the future Compadres already we can see there is valuable input of each and every member. That’s quite a lot of choice for us all to work with and shows that each and every member will give valuable input not only to Cartel but also to each other. Whether we increase the number of people involved will be entirely upto the Cartel from here on in. Once we reach 300 members, they can vote on that.

So what can you do if you aren’t in the 300?

My initial offer will be sent out to the initial members of Cartel very soon, I expect a lot of the places to be taken up quickly given the initial response.

However, I also expect there to be some space in the 300 to come available through people that don’t take up the offer, or people that are merely trying to find out exactly what Cartel is up to.

There is a waiting list which is filling up very quickly, make sure you add yourselves ASAP if you want to become one of Cartel’s Compadres.

Everybody will be able to come to the parties, for now – the initial 300 will be in control.

What does being part of the 300 entitle you to?

Being part of Cartel enables you to make a difference, to add your suggestions. It gets you the chance to be involved in something very unique from the beginning.

To actually be a member of a family of people that will change the landscape of the Manchester club scene in 2012.

My plans are to share this party, as no one man or woman will own it. It will be owned by myself, Jack and The Cartel.

I believe we will be voting for venues/djs/etc…….what if these aren’t available?

Whatever or whoever The Cartel decides in favour of, I shall pursue with the energy of 300 men and women. I will approach venues and DJs under order of The Cartel, safe in the knowledge that each decision has the weight of 300 people behind it. Once The Cartel has spoken, I will do everything humanely possible to make it happen.

Will you be limiting the choices?

I will try, wherever possible to incorporate everybody’s ideas and choices. In the initial application process we had people suggest some things that are just not possible. As much as I would like to see Larry Levan, Sir Jimmy Saville and Tony De Vit play at Cartel I believe this to be a little out of my reach.

Once people sign up to become members of Cartel, the fun and games will begin. Everyone has a vote and my ears are always open to suggestion.

What about unrealistic suggestions – eg Richie Hawtin being suggested as a dj etc ?

I do not believe this to be an unrealistic suggestion, if Richie Hawtin was requested, I would throw it out to The Cartel; and should the majority like to see him at Cartel then I will actively pursue it to make it happen.

The choices of 300 people that are involved with Cartel from the beginning will decide where this party goes, who plays, when it is and all of other elements involved in Cartel.

There will be a night in 2012 where those 300 people will stand around, shoulder to shoulder and feel proud of what they have achieved.

There are sure to be lots of twists and turns in the coming months, twists and turns created by everybody.

Cartel will not be the house that Jack built; it will be the house that you built