Fantasma Disco EP

Published on April 6th, 2012

The word fantasma comes from Greek phantazein, «to show».

It can mean:
1. a phantom;
2. (in Plato’s philosophy) objective reality as interpreted by personal perception.
3. an illusory perception of an object, person, etc;

Just three months ago The Supermen Lovers has taught the dancing world a lesson by releasing, in his latest album Between the Ages, two amazing, brazenly club-oriented tracks: Say no more and Let me show you. (The first being the most exciting love letter to italo-disco of the last few years, the latter being an astonishing mix of nu-disco bass, stadium-sized samples and gangsta- movie vibes.)

For this Fantasma Disco EP monsieur TSL has asked some of the most inspiring and talented producers around to haunt his EP (just like ghosts), giving their spin on these two tracks, showing what they’ve got: The Supermen Lovers’ songs, as interpreted by different personal perceptions.

Ex-Mustang member A.N.D.Y. takes Say no more’s groove by the hand as they both go skinny- dipping in a swimming pool of a balearic club in the ’90s.

Classy minimalist godfather Veitengruber (Brise rec, 8-bit rec) Lets us show him that it’s absolutely doable to have an orgasm in just 5 minutes and 52 seconds.

Synthetic glamour duo Jupiter (Kitsune) gives us a starry-eyed disco take on Say no more; finally french sensation Le Loup turns Let me show you into a HOUSE MONSTER.

Now, people, Say no more and Let me show you everything The Supermen Lovers has prepared for you.